Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This last couple of weeks has been quite hectic. I've gone through the frenzy of organizing my studio - which, I might add, took way toooooo long. I must say though that it is really nice to have it organized. I still have more to do but I can actually find things fairly easy now and can put them back where they belong as well, so that's a good thing. I guess that means that I've finally found some kind of system that actually makes sense to me!?! One can only hope!

I have all kinds of work to do for the store as well. The gentleman I work with has branched out into corporate gift packs so he's asked me to design some occasion specific cards for him. This is a wonderful opportunity for me so I really hope I can come up with something suitable for him and his clients.

I also managed to finish my chunky book pages for the 5th Anniversary Chunky book project on CC Swaps. I sent it off last Thursday via Purolater. It cost me an absolute fortune so I sure hope it gets there before the deadline otherwise I will be choked. The gal at the post office said 2 business day delivery - I'll believe that when I see it ! I've been holding my breath ever since it left.

I put a lot of work into my page and learned a very valuable lesson. I should have put more thought into the initial design. I'm sure I ended up doing my page the hard way - way more time and effort spent than was necessary. Unfortunately, I tend to have to do things the hard way first and then I learn how to do it better and more efficiently. Having said that, I'm very pleased with the finished product - I only hope it compares favourably with the other pages.

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