Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chaos !

I finally bit the bullet and started my project of reorganizing my studio.  OMG – today it’s in quite a state!  My supplies and toys are stacked up everywhere and it’s slightly disturbing to see all the “stuff” I’ve accumulated over the last several years. 

I purchased wire shelving for my closet and I’m in the process of installing it.  Now to put this in context you have to understand that I am not in any way, shape or form, what one would term as “handy” around the house.  Be that as it may, I rose to the challenge, emptied my 2 armoires and removed them from the closet so I can install the shelves.  I am now 3 trips later from the hardware store, purchasing all the things I didn’t know I needed.  After getting the shelves cut to size – 63 inches long – they cut them 62 inches long, I realize that I left too much wiggle room in the calculations and now the shelf is too short for the bracket at on end.  Really?  Who knew?  No worries, I kept the extra pieces so I will be using the famous zip tie to adjust and make the two pieces work.  See what I mean?  I learn by trial and error, mostly error, but you can bet I won’t make that mistake twice! 

I have several pieces of storage furniture that I need to add to my studio.  They are still sitting, unassembled, down on my dining room floor.  I may have gotten a little carried away with the furniture.  I’m afraid I may not have room for it all, but I’ll make it work.  I’m good at adapting.  I’ve hated the shelving and desk I’ve been using since the day I bought it and I only bought it because it was cheap.  It doesn’t owe me a cent as I’ve used it for more than 10 years and now I’m treating myself to new furniture.   I spend so much time in my studio so it’s time to upgrade.

Well, must run.  I’ll be taking “before” pictures tomorrow.  I’m excited about my “new” studio so I hope to have it put back together by the weekend.  I’ll post after pictures then.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lost password - who knew it would be such a pain?

Ok, so I've been trying to post for the last several days but couldn't because I forgot my password and I couldn't find my little book where I keep all this information.  UGH!

Anyway, it's all good now so here we go!

This retirement business is a blast - I highly recommend it!  I've been sleeping in til 10 or so every morning and then just putzing around and doing whatever I feel like doing.  What's not too like?

The weather here on the coast has been amazing.  Temperatures up in the 80's and 90's most of the last couple weeks.  Because its been so hot, I've spent most of my time lying around indoors.  Not too energetic to say the least.  We're under water restrictions here so the grass is looking pretty sad - turning brown and looking dead.  I'm really hoping that this hot weather kills my weeds but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

I've managed to get some ICADs done.  Though I jumped on that bandwagon rather late in the game, I'm having fun with them.  Lets me get my creative juices working without it being a big project.  As well I've managed to do several pages in my journal and I've discovered that the more I do in my journal, the more I can do. It seems to open some streams of creativity and I find it easier to complete a page.

My work room still looks like a burglar tossed it so I will need to get at that in the very near future.  In some ways, since I've been working in amongst the mess,  I've revisited some of my ideas for getting it organized and I've modified my plans somewhat.  I can foresee a time commitment in the next few weeks so I need to get this organizing show on the road while I have a window of opportunity.

I keep threatening to post some are a few pieces.  Enjoy!  Caio!

"Gather Life's Little Treasures is an ICAD (Index card a day).

This is a page from my journal.  I had fun creating this one.  I do so love Mae West!                                              

This is a birthday card I made for my daughter.