Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Gorgeous Weather

Here on the coast, the weather is fabulous.  We’ve been averaging weather in the low to mid 20’s (celscius) for the last couple of weeks.  It cools down nicely at night so it’s nice for sleeping.  We still have all the windows open all the time.  It’s wonderful.

I can’t believe that it’s already almost 6 weeks since I lost my dad.  I catch myself thinking sometimes that I must call him and then I remember that I can’t do that. 

I’m busy with my cards – playing catchup as usual!  This coming weekend is the Canadian thanksgiving so I have a 4 day weekend and I’ve also taken an extra day off to finish up my stock for the store so it’s actually 5 days…..Woohoo!

Work is busy – so what else is new.  We have hired 2 new people and we’re in the process of hiring another two.  Halleleuja!!

I want to work on my journal so gotta run.  Caio!