Monday, December 29, 2014

A little update

Well Christmas has come and gone and I managed to get through it just fine thank you!  It was just my daughter and I and it was very relaxed and low key.  I came home from work Christmas Eve and got in my pajamas and I stayed in them until Sunday afternoon.  Heavenly!

Santa was good to both of us and we enjoyed our turkey.  I made soup with the leftovers and now I don’t want to see another turkey until this time next year.

I’m still working on organizing my work room  Some successes and some failures and sometimes I end up with more of a mess than I started with….it is what it is!

I’ve been working in my art journal and I’ve signed up for Life Book 2015.  I’m not sure if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, however I am looking forward to the process.  I have no idea what to expect other than that I’ve heard it’s a great experience.  I’m thinking that I should probably choose a word for 2015 – it seems like the trendy thing everyone is doing – just can’t make up my mind what my word should be.

The countdown to Palm Springs has started.  Just 50 more sleeps and I’ll be lying by the pool chillin’.  Ya’ gotta love when a plan comes together.


Saturday, December 06, 2014

Just another day in my little corner of paradise…….


Quiet day today, just vegging and doing very little.  I seem to have spent a good part of my day lying around and playing on my ipad.  I’ve not been feeling well for a few days now.  Fighting a cold or the flu or both so I’m not very energetic or productive to say the least.

Work has been busy, lots of changes coming in the next several weeks.  Some are good changes and some not so much but then not really my concern.  I’ll go where they tell me to go and do what I’m told to do.  Anyway a change is as good as a rest.

My cards for the store are all done and delivered.  Neither store needs more cards so I guess things aren’t selling well or selling well yet.  Whatever!

I’m just starting on my own Christmas cards, something I always enjoy doing.  I put lots of work into them but it’s a labour of love.  Most people who receive my cards appreciate the time and effort I put into them. I hope to have them all done and in the mail by the 15th so I can finish my christmas shopping.

Nothing much else new here.  I’m trying to get more journaling done and find it hard to find the time.  However, like the commercial says, if I want to do something, just do it.  Good advice which I will try to heed.4

Gotta run.  Ciao !