Sunday, October 24, 2010

Work has been crazy busy and I've been exhausted when I come home from work. However, things are finally starting to come together. Still a few challenges with staff and such but I think I'll be able to function without losing my mind!

As well, this is a really busy time of year for me with Christmas just around the corner. I'm working on stock for the Open House and have a couple of swaps to complete by the end of the month. It always seems like a good idea to sign up for these swaps at the time and then I usually have to scramble to get them completed on time. So why do you keep signing up, you might ask? Good question! I feel that these swaps help me to stretch my creative muscles and they're something fun to do. Sometimes I think all my stamping/creative time is spent on "business" stamping with little being done on the fun side.

On a side note, I'm really enjoying the journal partner swap I'm doing with HR. I'm not always sure what I'll write about but eventually some seed of an idea takes hold and I'm good to go. I never seem to have a plan, per se. I get a kernal of an idea and then it just kind of flows once I get working on it. Hopefully when this next week of busy-ness is over, I'll be able to set aside some time to do more of my personal art.

Today I took an alcohol ink class at Be Creative. It was great and I really enjoyed it and feel that it was very worthwhile as I learned lots of tips and new techniques. Of course, I spent a fortune on some "must haves" after the class but that goes with the territory. Now I can't wait to play with my new toys ! I plan to use one of the techniques I learned on my Christmas tags for the swap on CST.

Well must run. Caio!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

And some Christmas cards!

Hey - almost forgot. Check out the tags I made. I think they're absolutely darling.....but then I could be prejudiced ! These little bits ( with the exception of the large red glitter snowflake) are ready made stickers to which I added glitter etc and then made into tags. Love them and I think they are spectacular looking. Just my opinion ! :)
Well....I'm very pleased with myself. I was able to complete all the order for the Open House at Little Cricket and made the final (well almost) final delivery yesterday. Afterwards I realized that I had forgotten to include the set of cards I had promised to include for the customer draw. Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking! So I still need to deliver that item but that can be done earlier in the week.

Today was kind of a nothing day. I did the grocery thing and then played with my new food saver. Who knew these machines were so easy to use and so fabulous? Almost wants to make you run out and buy more food so you can seal and save it!

I should have been working on stock for the second Open House in Langley - that did not happen so tonight will probably be a late night. I must also come up with 28 tags for a tag swap I'm in and also a journal spread (by Tuesday if you please) for a journal partner swap I'm in. I have the idea for the page and now I just need to execute it. As usual I've overcommitted myself and not managed my time properly. I think that perhaps my procrastination/less than perfect time management may be a symptom of my perfectiionist tendencies. Interesting concept that is!

Well must run. I have tons of work to do before I go back to work on Tuesday and my studio is an absolute disaster. When I create the glittler and paper scraps are flying. Despite my best intentions to clean up after myself, it almost never happens. Who has time to clean up when there's so much to create?

Caio !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've been extremely busy since my last post. Work is crazy-busy as usual. It doesn't seem to matter how much I do, I never seem to get to the bottom of the pile! This is my regular 3 day weekend so I'm really looking forward to it.

I managed to get most of my cards finished for the open house which is taking place next weekend. I'm very pleased with the finished product. I still need to create some 3 D cards, which BTW, sell very well! I also want to include one of my standard christmas cards. It's an image of a cat wearing a Santa hat and it's very popular. I've had it in the store for the last several christmases and it's a real crowd pleaser. I will also be creating some new gift tags for delivery on Saturday. And then I will start all over again to create stock for the second open house in Langley at the end of October. This is a very busy time of year for me!

Nothing else new. The surgeon is happy with my progress since starting to wear two sets of elastics so that's a relief. He wants to see me again in a month or so though just to make sure the progress is continuing.

Well must run. I'm exhausted as I took the day off and worked on cards all day. I was up at the crack of dawn and now I need my beauty sleep.