Saturday, January 26, 2008

I finally finished the new cards for the shop and delivered them today. Because I was so disorganized, I had to make two deliveries instead of one but husband came with me to keep me company, so it was a nice drive and time well spent.

I'm so glad to have them done; they were weighing me down because I knew they needed to be delivered before I could move on to the other 20 things on my "to do list" before I leave for vacation. Anyway, that's all done now so I can focus on other projects.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been remiss in my posting - it's been extremely busy in my little corner of paradise. I've had some exciting stuff happening on the work front - more about that later - and I've been trying to get caught up on all the things I let slide in the pre-Christmas rush. Does one ever get caught up?

We're getting ready for our annual trip to Palm Springs. We leave on January 30th and will not back until March 5th. I'm sooooooo looking forward to lying around the pool and soaking up the rays - especially when I look out the window and see the snow coming down. I was just thinking yesterday that the trees were about to burst into leaf and now this cold snap comes through again so it will probably set that process back several days. It's been quite cold here which is unusual for the Coast. We usually get quite mild weather here at this time of year, well at least compared to back east it's mild! Where else can you run around in a light jacket in the middle of January?

I bought husband a laptop for Christmas so we'll be bringing it with us to Palm Springs. I'm pleased about that because it means I can access my e-mail from my groups and still post to my blog, even if it is just text.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year to one and all. These wishes are a little late, but better late than never I always say!

I cannot believe that it's already almost 3 weeks since Christmas. Where has the time gone? I had a fabulous Christmas - my husband spoilt me rotten as did my daughter. I bought husband a laptop which surprised the heck out of him. He's very happy with it - so am I because now I have my computer back....woohoo!

I'm disappointed that I haven't posted as often lately. I plan to rectify that over the next few weeks. I'm getting ready to leave for Palm Springs at the end of the month so , while I will have a computer with me, I won't have any art to post. Plan is to get as much as I can done and posted before I go so I won't have a lot of time to waste during the next couple of weeks!

Some goals for 2008:

1 - to have at least on piece of art published
2 - to participate in more swaps
3 - to organize my rubber stamps and keep them organized
4 - to purge some of my supplies and pass them on to someone who can use them
5 - to grow both professionally and artistically

Hmmmmm - seems I will be a very busy girl in the coming months!