Monday, February 23, 2015

Did I drop off the face of the earth?

You need not worry -  I have not dropped off the face of the earth nor have I been abducted by aliens!

I've had a hectic couple of weeks at work and I'm now on vacation in beautiful, sunny California. This is my idea of heaven and it's a wonderful place.  We arrived on Wednesday Feb. 18th to 82 degree weather and full sunshine.  Our check in went well and we enjoyed the pool Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The weather turned a little rough on Sunday and today, while it has cleared up, its still mixed sun and clouds.  Not a huge problem as I had 3 good days in the pool and got a lot of sun.  Probably best that I stay out of the sun for a day or so anyway.

I'm enjoying the down time.  Mulling over some future plans, trying to decide whether I will work a little longer or retire sooner than later.  While I really enjoy my job, especially the money :),  I think I'm just about done.  My little voice - which I've learned to listen to unless it's telling me to kill people :) - is telling me to go sooner rather than later.   We'll see.

I'm looking forward to working in my journal.  I never seem to have enough time or energy or both, so I want to spend some time on art.  I've signed up for a couple of online courses and need to address them before I get too far behind.

In the meantime, here's one of the journal pages I've been threatening to post to the blog for weeks.   I have more in my ipad and will upload soon.