Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things that make you go hmmmm

Interesting week, some changes, some challenges and some frustration.

Why is it that some people are only comfortable with chaos and dysfunction?  They just never seem to be happy unless everything is in an uproar.  I'm really tired of it.  It gets really old, really fast.  So inefficient.

All my joints are aching.  Not sure why.  Even my toes are aching and my fingers are sorer than they've been in months.  Too much computer maybe.  I've also been really busy cutting paper and running dies through my Big Shot so that may be some of the problem. 

I took it easy this weekend and made a conscious decision that I would take it easy, as opposed to just lying around without a plan.  Yesterday and today I worked on stock for the store.  I plan to do a delivery on Tuesday morning before I go to the hospital to take my daughter for her day surgery.  Then there will be a few hours of just sitting around.  I'll be glad when the surgery is over and she doesn't have to deal with the lump in her face anymore.

Garden is great....all my plants are settling in and getting nice and plump.  They look happy in their new homes.

Well got go.  I'm really tired and 5 am comes early.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

I've created a couple of new wedding cards.   I find that coming up with a design that I'm satisfied with takes forever!  However, these are just prototypes. I'll change a few things on the fly to come up with a finished design.

Warm weather at last!

The sunshine and warm weather has finally arrived on the coast.  It was absolutely gorgeous today - it's 3 AM and all my windows are open to the cool night air.  We've had a not so nice spring so far, however the next 7 days are looking pretty good.

I've managed to get a spread done in my art journal.  Nothing too fancy but a spread nonetheless. It came together quickly and I'm happy with the results.  This whole art journal thing has been a real struggle for me.  I was talking with a friend and we decided that I'm making this whole process waaaay too complicated. Too much thought, too much striving for perfection and not nearly enough play. steps!