Saturday, April 12, 2014

A mini holiday!

I went into work yesterday and started looking at the calendar.  HMMMMMM.  If I take 3 days off work, I end up with 9 days off.  Well that’s a no-brainer!  So,  I did and now I’m off until April 22nd.  WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Even though I’ve only been back from holidays for about a month, work has been brutal  I think a time out is appropriate!

What am I going to do?  Get lots of sleep, play in my workroom and in my journal and get some of the projects that are incomplete finished.  I’m actually really looking forward to this little break. I need to put my brain on snooze for awhile.

Well, must run.  I have a spa appointment at 10:30 and I still need to grab a bite.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get up !

I’ve had one of “those” days!  Seems that no matter how hard you try, there is always someone or several someones who just aren’t happy unless they can complain about you.  Yeah, big surprise there!

I won’t go on a rant, suffice it to say I’m just a little down tonight.

I’m looking forward to a 3 day weekend.  I’m going to bottle some wine after work Friday and then home to put my feet up.  I booked myself a massage and a facial for Saturday and I’m going to enjoy it. Rather fortuitous that!

Hope to get more organizing done, work in my art journal, get caught up on some cards I owe and get some samples together for the store.  They say it’s going to be good weather here on the coast so I might also work in the garden for awhile. 

That’s it for now.  Caio!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Last round at Tahquitz today

We played our last round of golf in Palm Springs at our “home” club, Tahquitz Creek Resort today.  The weather was outstanding.  We played with two gay gentlemen – the nicest people you could ever want to meet.  We had soooo much fun today.  It was a wonderful end to our wonderful holiday.

This point in the trip is always bittersweet.  We’ve had a fabulous time, the weather has been outstanding and my daughter and I have had wonderful time together. We love, love, love Palm Springs and we hate to leave….On the other hand, we know we have to go home so we’re starting to wind down.  We’re ready to go home to our own beds and both of us miss “our girls” – our 3 fur-babies.  We love our cats and miss them – 33 days is a long time away from them!

Thank you Palm Springs for welcoming us to our second home.  You never let us down!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fabulous weather

The weather down here in Palm Springs continues to be outstanding.  It's been warm and sunny every day.  We played golf at Tahquitz Creek Monday and we're playing there again Wednesday and Thursday.  The weather forecast for Friday and Saturday is rainy with possible thunderstorms though I'll believe that when I see it!

We went out for dinner at DiCarlos in Rancho Mirage again this evening.  Fabulous as usual.  Their early bird special is a great deal - a good sized salad, a choice of 5 entrees and garlic toast for $ 9.95.  What's not to like?

I've been working in my journal and trying to perfect some of my pen work.  Still lots of room for improvement.  I'm working on a journal page a la Teesha Moore.  Not sure how it's going to turn out.  I'm pushing my boundaries and working outside my comfort zone.  It should be interesting!

Gotta run.  Caio!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Return to paradise

I'm here in Palm Springs and loving every minute of it.  We arrived on Wednesday Feb 12th and the weather has been fabulous ever since.  Most days have been high 80's or low 90's.  I've been in the pool every day and I'm enjoying myself immensely.  We golfed on Thursday - only 9 holes because we got a late start.  That was fine though.  We finished our nine and had a beer at the clubhouse and watched the other golfers coming in to the 18th.

I brought my journal and some journalling supplies with me and I've worked in it a little.  Plan to do more tonight.

Must run, I have to make some phone calls and then off to bed.  Caio!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Last 7 days before blast off

We're down to the last few days before we head off to Palm Springs - the land of botox and bronzer.  Can hardly wait!!

Work is busy.  I'm training a new hire and trying to tie up loose ends before leaving.  Art has taken a back seat, yet again.  I'm working on some journals for a swap and hope to get them off in the mail by next Monday.  I have to make up a handful of swap cards and send them off as well.  Last but not least, I want to prep some pages in my journal - a la Teesha Moore - I want them ready to go so I can work on them when I'm in Palm Springs. Love, Love, Love her style!

Here's a spread I did to start off 2014.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Some people are just evil !!!

Well now.  There’s a warm cozy thought isn’t it?  Why is it that some people need to be soooo very hateful and selfish. Some days it takes all I have to not toss them out the 6th floor window – no need to open the window, I’ll just drop kick them out and watch them sail through the atmosphere.  Lovely thought, that is!!

Work is crazy busy – I’ve had a couple of issues that have been ongoing for a long time now.  It’s been both emotionally and physically exhausting, however, I think it’s over now so that’s a good thing !  I’m looking forward to starting fresh in 2014, putting all the bad stuff behind me.

Art and journaling were shoved on the back burner for a good bit of November and all of December.  I think that December should be 60 days instead of 31 – I never seem to have enough time!   I hate it when Christmas becomes “just another job” !  I’m looking forward to working in my journal again.  I have got to learn to manage that better.

The countdown for Palm Springs has started – 43 more sleeps.  I soooo need a holiday!

I looked back in the blog and was surprised to see that there is very little art posted for the last several months.  What’s up with that?  So here’s a couple of cards I made recently.IMG_0569