Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I'm finished my radiation and I'm glad to have it complete.  It really wasn't all that bad.  I did get one burn on my collarbone that didn't seem to want to heal, but now after a month, it is finally pretty well gone.  Just itchy now.  The areas that were treated with radiation are also getting back to normal.  The skin is very dry and itchy but I guess it could get worse.

I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) 2 weeks ago.  It's not really hormone replacement, rather it's hormone blocking.  The medication blocks the estrogen production so you can go through menopause if you have not already done so, or you can go through it again if you've already gone through it.  Isn't that special?   In my particular case, my cancer was HER2N which is an aggressive cancer which is fed by my estrogen.  So it's very important to block any estrogen so that it can't feed any remaining cancer cells, which I reaaaally hope there are not!! );

Anyway I'm on easy street right now as the worst part is over.  I will be getting shots every 6 months because the HRT can cause osteoporosis and the shot will reduce the risk of that and recurrance of the cancer so it's all good.

My daughter and I are planning a trip to Palm Springs in September. Looking forward to Palm Springs was one of the things that got me through the last several months so I can hardly wait to get down there and enjoy the sun and the pool.

Life is good!!

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