Monday, February 18, 2013

Paradise found

We arrived safely in Palm Springs on Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 13th.

Both flights went off without a hitch and we landed to sunny warm weather.  Within a few hours of our arrival we were all settled in and enjoying the spa.  Unfortunately, I took a tumble on our first night and went ass over tea kettle onto the ceramic tile floor.  I had wiped up a couple of wet spots from tracking in and out of the house but I guess I missed one and down I went.  It happened so quick that I didn't have time to catch myself.  I landed on my left side, banging my ear and front of my shoulder into the pony wall between the kitchen and the hallway.  Luckily I didn't bang my head on the tile floor and only scrapped my inner upper arm near my shoulder.  My scrape is now (5 days later) scabbed over and my shoulder and upper arm are covered in a large purple bruise.  Thankfully, other than that, I'm none the worse for wear!

As I mentioned, the weather here has been outstanding.  Days have been hot (around 80 most days) with a slight breeze.  The nights have remained warm so no need for a jacket most nights. So far so good and we're thoroughly enjoying our trip so far.  The accomodations are wonderful, the pool is just the right temperature and the sun is shining.  I think I've died and gone to heaven.

We're off to play some golf Tuesday and we have another tee time booked for Thursday.  Both days are supposed to be a little cooler (high sixties) so we're looking forward to that.  We had discussed golfing today (Monday) but then found out it's a long weekend here in the States so we're glad that we waited.

I brought my journal - most of my backgrounds already prepared - so I'm looking forward to working in it soon.  I definetly want to hit Target, Big Lots and of course, Joannes.  I'm hoping to maybe pick up a gelli plate.  I did create one of my own out of foam core but if I can find one here will probably shell out some coin to purchase.

Well must run - the pool is calling my name.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Only 3 more sleeps.....

until we head off to Palm Springs.  I don't usually get excited until I'm on the plane, however I must admit that I've been excited for about a week now.  Can hardly wait to get into the pool and just veg out.

The next couple of days at work will be hectic.  Lots of packing to do and I'm sure there will be some crisis or another before we're through.  Just taking one day at a time.

Not too much else new.  I'm trying to get my journal ready so I can take it with me to PS - still have a bit to go on it yet.

Must run - busy day tomorrow and I need to get my beauty sleep.