Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And here are a couple of more designs.

I've been busy making wedding cards for the store. These are quite labour intensive but I think the result is worth it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So - yesterday I completed part of the move. Washed the walls and window, took down the blinds and washed them. Moved the bed downstairs, but still need to set it up. Can't do that til both tables are moved upstairs - right now I don't have room to set up the bed. Moved one work table upstairs and hope to move the second today. Once the second one is moved, then I can move supplies up in stages and not be required to do it all at once. Not sure how I will move the 2 armoires. Will need to think about placement as well.

I must say that it's really nice to have such a nice bright area. The room really isn't much bigger than the space I was using before. However it's bright and I have a big window, a large closet (which needs to be cleaned out so I can use it) and a door. Wooo hoooo! Looking good!

Today I'll embark on phase 2 - hauling all the bits and pieces (and there are one hell of a lot of bits I have to tell you!) I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent on this stuff!

Last night I had to move all the junk from on top of my bed to the floor so I could actually go to sleep. I have an obstacle course in that room right now but I'll just pick away at it til it's all cleaned up. Well must run. Caio !
I currently have my workroom at one end of the basement family room. It's a small space, no doors, one small window, but it works. DD has not been happy since the day I moved in there several years ago. She considers it her special space and tells everyone who will listen to her that I've invaded and/or taken it over. Boohoo! What a little miss! :)

Anyway, at lunch Friday we were talking about various stuff. One gal mentioned she had a sewing room and that it was so nice to be able to close the door and walk away from it because the door corralled the mess and closing the door hid it. I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't have a room with a door but I had a spare room with a new bed and that the spare room seldom was used anymore.....how I'd like to take over that room for my studio but had no place to put the bed and that I don't want to sell it. One of the gals suggested moving the spare bed to the basement ! It was like a light went on. Who knew you could do that? That thought had never entered my head!

I discussed it with DD who was luke warm to it because she's afraid that I'll disturb her when she's trying to sleep. She starts work at 5 am every morning so must in bed by about 730 every night. So - the more I thought about it , the more I like the idea. I talked to DD again Saturday morning and assured her that if I disturb her then I just won't work in that room (across the hall from hers) when she's sleeping. She says she's a pretty sound sleeper and really I seldom work on my crafts late into the night during the week cuz I'm just bagged when I come home from work.

I'm excited about it even though moving up 2 floors will be a big job. However it will give me a bigger, brighter room with a large closet for storage. She'll get her own space back and I'll have a place I can go to work when she's home - apparently I offend her with my presence when I share her space downstairs so she often moves upstairs to watch tv or whatever.

Like I said....Little Miss! But it works so we're going to do it! Woooohoo!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I was up until 11:30 last night trying to finish off the Father's Day stock so my daughter could deliver it for me today. Unfortunately at 11:30 I still had at least an hour of work still to do so I wasn't able to finish up last night. Plan is to complete the order tonight for delivery tomorrow. I am sooooo keeping my fingers crossed !

I have accomplished next to nothing in my new journal. I've managed to paint up 2 pages but it has been a struggle. I don't know - I think maybe I'm too structured to be able to work in a journal. I painted and repainted the one page at least 4 times before I was happy with the end result but now what? I don't seem to be free enough to be able to just add paper and images without there being a purpose or a story. What's that all about? Why can't I just go with the flow and not be so constricted by the end result? Frustrating!

One of my groups has journal preparation as a current topic. I'm loving reading everyone's responses. I'm hoping to gain some insight into why I seem to be so blocked.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Here are a couple of more Father's Day designs. I really like the way the tropical card turned out.

Here are a couple of my Father's Day designs. It doesn't show up really well, but the ship is 3 D, sort of paper tole-y.
I've been busy the last week - not sure where the time went. I was sick with a lousy cold (received from a co-worker who should have stayed home in bed instead of coming to work!) for a couple of days so really didn't have a lot of energy.

This time of year is fairly busy for me. Wedding season is in full swing and even though Mother's Day is over, I need to have stock made up for the store for Father's Day. I always seem to be playing catch-up but I guess that will never change! Tonight I plan to finish up my order for the store and my daughter will deliver it for me tomorrow. The last push is to finish up some 3 D wedding cards and get them delivered by the weekend so I can relax for a few days. It's supposed to be sunny here on the coast - finally - for Saturday, Sunday and Monday so it would be really nice to be able to enjoy it. It's also my 3 day weekend ....woooohooo!

I'm in a townhouse and my tiny amount of grass is not looking so good. Too many weeds! They make me crazy! I have some top soil to put down and I plan to re-seed/overseed (whatever they call it) my front lawn. To coin one of Popeye's phrases - "I can't stands it no more"!

Anyway, not too much else new in my little corner of paradise. Gotta fly!