Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I've been busy the last week - not sure where the time went. I was sick with a lousy cold (received from a co-worker who should have stayed home in bed instead of coming to work!) for a couple of days so really didn't have a lot of energy.

This time of year is fairly busy for me. Wedding season is in full swing and even though Mother's Day is over, I need to have stock made up for the store for Father's Day. I always seem to be playing catch-up but I guess that will never change! Tonight I plan to finish up my order for the store and my daughter will deliver it for me tomorrow. The last push is to finish up some 3 D wedding cards and get them delivered by the weekend so I can relax for a few days. It's supposed to be sunny here on the coast - finally - for Saturday, Sunday and Monday so it would be really nice to be able to enjoy it. It's also my 3 day weekend ....woooohooo!

I'm in a townhouse and my tiny amount of grass is not looking so good. Too many weeds! They make me crazy! I have some top soil to put down and I plan to re-seed/overseed (whatever they call it) my front lawn. To coin one of Popeye's phrases - "I can't stands it no more"!

Anyway, not too much else new in my little corner of paradise. Gotta fly!

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