Sunday, June 13, 2010

So - yesterday I completed part of the move. Washed the walls and window, took down the blinds and washed them. Moved the bed downstairs, but still need to set it up. Can't do that til both tables are moved upstairs - right now I don't have room to set up the bed. Moved one work table upstairs and hope to move the second today. Once the second one is moved, then I can move supplies up in stages and not be required to do it all at once. Not sure how I will move the 2 armoires. Will need to think about placement as well.

I must say that it's really nice to have such a nice bright area. The room really isn't much bigger than the space I was using before. However it's bright and I have a big window, a large closet (which needs to be cleaned out so I can use it) and a door. Wooo hoooo! Looking good!

Today I'll embark on phase 2 - hauling all the bits and pieces (and there are one hell of a lot of bits I have to tell you!) I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent on this stuff!

Last night I had to move all the junk from on top of my bed to the floor so I could actually go to sleep. I have an obstacle course in that room right now but I'll just pick away at it til it's all cleaned up. Well must run. Caio !

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