Sunday, June 13, 2010

I currently have my workroom at one end of the basement family room. It's a small space, no doors, one small window, but it works. DD has not been happy since the day I moved in there several years ago. She considers it her special space and tells everyone who will listen to her that I've invaded and/or taken it over. Boohoo! What a little miss! :)

Anyway, at lunch Friday we were talking about various stuff. One gal mentioned she had a sewing room and that it was so nice to be able to close the door and walk away from it because the door corralled the mess and closing the door hid it. I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't have a room with a door but I had a spare room with a new bed and that the spare room seldom was used I'd like to take over that room for my studio but had no place to put the bed and that I don't want to sell it. One of the gals suggested moving the spare bed to the basement ! It was like a light went on. Who knew you could do that? That thought had never entered my head!

I discussed it with DD who was luke warm to it because she's afraid that I'll disturb her when she's trying to sleep. She starts work at 5 am every morning so must in bed by about 730 every night. So - the more I thought about it , the more I like the idea. I talked to DD again Saturday morning and assured her that if I disturb her then I just won't work in that room (across the hall from hers) when she's sleeping. She says she's a pretty sound sleeper and really I seldom work on my crafts late into the night during the week cuz I'm just bagged when I come home from work.

I'm excited about it even though moving up 2 floors will be a big job. However it will give me a bigger, brighter room with a large closet for storage. She'll get her own space back and I'll have a place I can go to work when she's home - apparently I offend her with my presence when I share her space downstairs so she often moves upstairs to watch tv or whatever.

Like I said....Little Miss! But it works so we're going to do it! Woooohoo!!

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