Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Cycle 7

I had my cycle 7 treatment today (Tuesday) and all went well,  no surprises there.  I was at the hospital by 9:45 am, and I saw my oncologist.  We discussed my pain and, thankfully, he gave me some meds with one refill.  I'm to take this perscription for 5 days starting on the day of my treatment.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works.

I was getting my chemo meds at 10:15 and finished up at 4:15 pm.  My daughter picked me up and we made a run to the pharmacy to get my persription filled..  As soon as I got home, I jumped into my PJs and got settled on the couch with the big screen and the fireplace to keep me warm.  It was a long day!

As of 4:05 am, Wednesday morning, I feel fine.  I didn't come up to bed until around 2 am and l lay there for an hour tossing and turning because I couldn't sleep which is why I'm sitting at my computer.  I've had this a problem a  couple of times on the night following my treatment so it appears that I also have the pleasure of having a new friend - insomnia.  I know of others who talk about having this same problem the night following their chemo so I guess I'm in good company.

In addition to my usual evening medication, which by the way, usually puts me to sleep immediately, I also just took 3 melatonin tablets.  I figured that they needed time to work, hence why I'm in my studio at this time of night.

It's annoying but a small price to pay for being cancer free -  fingers crossed!!!


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