Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chaos !

I finally bit the bullet and started my project of reorganizing my studio.  OMG – today it’s in quite a state!  My supplies and toys are stacked up everywhere and it’s slightly disturbing to see all the “stuff” I’ve accumulated over the last several years. 

I purchased wire shelving for my closet and I’m in the process of installing it.  Now to put this in context you have to understand that I am not in any way, shape or form, what one would term as “handy” around the house.  Be that as it may, I rose to the challenge, emptied my 2 armoires and removed them from the closet so I can install the shelves.  I am now 3 trips later from the hardware store, purchasing all the things I didn’t know I needed.  After getting the shelves cut to size – 63 inches long – they cut them 62 inches long, I realize that I left too much wiggle room in the calculations and now the shelf is too short for the bracket at on end.  Really?  Who knew?  No worries, I kept the extra pieces so I will be using the famous zip tie to adjust and make the two pieces work.  See what I mean?  I learn by trial and error, mostly error, but you can bet I won’t make that mistake twice! 

I have several pieces of storage furniture that I need to add to my studio.  They are still sitting, unassembled, down on my dining room floor.  I may have gotten a little carried away with the furniture.  I’m afraid I may not have room for it all, but I’ll make it work.  I’m good at adapting.  I’ve hated the shelving and desk I’ve been using since the day I bought it and I only bought it because it was cheap.  It doesn’t owe me a cent as I’ve used it for more than 10 years and now I’m treating myself to new furniture.   I spend so much time in my studio so it’s time to upgrade.

Well, must run.  I’ll be taking “before” pictures tomorrow.  I’m excited about my “new” studio so I hope to have it put back together by the weekend.  I’ll post after pictures then.

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