Monday, April 23, 2007

I've been remiss in posting to my blog - I will make a more concerted effort to keep it current in future. I've have been quite busy, although sometimes I wonder what it is that keeps me so busy as I seem to have little to show for my time spent in the workroom. I think part of the problem is that I'm spending way tooooooo much time on-line surfing all the cool sites and reading and viewing all the wonderful content and art. I think I need to wean myself from this addiction or at the very least limit my time on-line .

What's been happening? Hmmmm.....

Myself and four of my co-workers made a trip down to Marysville to Seattle Premium outlets and the Tulalip Casino on Saturday. We only stayed one night - big mistake that was! We spent over our limit and then stewed all the way to the border wondering how much duty we would have to pay to bring our treasures across. Luckily the Canada Customs guy was extremely laid back - not sure if that meant he was having a good day or a bad one! He just pretty much waved us through so no duty or taxes had to be paid. Wooooohoooo!!

I always say I'm not much of a shopper but I think of the 5 of us, I spent the most so how funny is that? Visited Victoria's Secret - now that was a treat!! Love the selection, love the colours and would have bought some more fun stuff had I been by myself but thought that might be pushing it a bit so just stuck with bras. It was quite humourous really - four of the five of us are quite - ahem - shall we say "well endowed" so we all had to be measured; then there was the choosing the colours and playing with the body lotions and trying the makeup. Lots of fun there!

The Casino was not so kind to any of us. None of the machines or tables seemed to be paying much so the time spent there was only a couple of hours. Funny thing too was that they serve alcohol on the floor, which they don't here in BC. I thought I would be all over that but I guess I was just too tired from the shopping and the long wait at the border - we were lined up for two and a half hours on the way down!!! Anyway, talking about the liquor at the Casino, we saw several drunks - drunks as in so inebriated they couldn't stand up! That was a little disconcerting - most of the Casinos I've visited do not encourage or tolerate that type of behaviour. If a patron gets feeling good and is having a good time, not causing problems, then they are more tolerant but when they start to lose control of their faculties, then they are usually cut off and encouraged to go home and sleep it off; none of that seemed to be happening there. Different strokes for different folks I guess!

What's not happening? I'm not working on my 30 minute collages which is picking me big time! Also not getting as much done in the production department - I have so much to make up for the stores, it is not even funny. I took two days off from work, so I will be logging off shortly so I can work on swaps, at least one 30 Minute Collage and product for the store.

I think I just need to step away from the computer!!

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