Friday, April 06, 2007

Finally managed to complete our income tax and get it filed. Husband always does our taxes and he gets very antsy if the books are not ready for him in early March. I had my company books pretty much done before we went on vacation so just a few loose ends to tie up when we got back. We're all getting refunds so we are very happy campers!

This has been a busy 4 days off for me. We hosted a dinner party last night which went very well. Unfortunately, we don't entertain like we did when we were younger but then who has the time or energy to do that anymore? We had 2 couples, good friends of ours, over for dinner and we always have lots of laughs so it was a lovely night. Tonight I have two friends coming over for gossip and appies. I work with one of them but the three of us don't get together nearly often enough so we should have an enjoyable evening.

I'm back to work tomorrow - not really looking forward to that but what can you do? I have way more things I'd like to be doing at home tomorrow instead of being at work! Loads of samples need to be created and stock made up, yard work, anniversary cards .....busy, busy, busy.

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