Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today was a rather uneventful day. Since today is a stat holiday, all the Monday to Friday people were off so things were nice and quiet at work. I had a very productive, stress-free evening which is a nice change from dayshift which can be very hectic.

I met a friend for coffee this evening. She had been cleaning out her work area and came across a couple of stamp catalogs and scrapbooking magazines. She was kind enough to offer them to me, and of course since I don't have many magazines - Not!! - I of course said I'd re-home them. So we met at the Starbucks near my office to make the exchange. I'm not much of a Starbucks person - the coffee is way too expensive and I find it quite strong - but it was nice to be able to get together for a visit as we haven't seen each other for awhile. We were both surprised at how busy Starbucks was on a Monday night at 9 pm - amazing!

I'm busy working on some stock for the store and between that and coming up with samples for a "welcome to your new home " card and Mother's Day cards, I'm going to be busy for the next little while. The designing is what takes so darn much time - it seems to take forever. Sometimes I wish I could just wave a magic wand and the ideas would design themselves.

The weather is starting to get nice here. We've had a lot of rain and there are concerns about flooding because of the spring run-off. Thank goodness I don't live too near the river! It's been very wet so it's always nice when the sunshine comes out again and the flowers start to grow. Husband and I plan to go to the nursery this week as we have a couple of rose bushes that are not doing well so the plan is to replace them. I guess after more than ten years, it's not surprising that they are starting to lose their ability to flower. Quite frankly, I'm tired of babying them so out they go! If husband doesn't get too impatient, while we're at the nursery I'll check out what they have for my flower beds. I always try to put in something new - often with results that are less than wonderful but I like to try new stuff, otherwise the plantings can get pretty boring.

Well I'm off to play my Luxor before I go to bed - part of my 4:30 in the morning pre-bed ritual. I need that to help me wind down so I can go to sleep otherwise my mind just chases itself around all night - too much going on in there sometimes!

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