Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vancouverites are in a state of euphoria this morning after the Canucks won over the Dallas Stars last night in game 7. While the officiating sucked, it was a very exciting game and most everyone was sitting on the edge of thier seats, all crossable parts of their respective bodies crossed, holding their breaths. Marty Turco was awesome and, in my humble opinion, is the reason the Stars lasted as long as they did.

Vancouver looked tentative throughout the whole first period and I was very concerned that they weren't going to be able to pull it together. I'd love to know what happended in the dressing room after the first period. Whatever was said and done certainly seemed to change the tide and the momentum. Vancouver was a different team in the second and third periods.

Robert Luongo? What can you say about this guy? He is phenomenal and such a classy guy. At the end of the game he tossed his stick over the glass to a little kid in the stands. When an adult grabbed it, Roberto told him the stick was to go to the kid. I'm sure it did! Super guy, classy, talented. We hit the jackpot when we got him. Vancouver is such a hockey city - if you don't live here, I'm not sure you get it. Vigneault benched a player for one or two shifts in one of the earlier games and it hit the sports pages like it was something out of a Greek tragedy. Vigneault laughed and made the comment, only in Vancouver would that be big news. Everyone knows their hockey here and we' ve waited a very long time to be where we are now. Some close brushes with the playoffs but for some reason it just never seemed to come together. I don't know what Vigneault has done that is different from other coaches we've had but he clearly knows what he's doing. He's the man!!

I can hardly wait for the Anaheim series to start on Wednesday!

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