Monday, April 05, 2010

Things are going well with the recovery. I had my first followup appointment with the surgeon on Thursday. He's pleased with my progress and says everything looks good. I was initially planning to return to work on the 8th, however I think I will extend my sick leave for a week or so. The bruising is still pretty severe and there is still some swelling so I think it appropriate that I take more time. I have more than enough sick leave to cover the extra time so will take advantage of it.

Saturday was an interesting day! I've been stuck in the house for 10 days with my only outing being to go into the city for a doctor's appointment. Can you say cabin fever? I had a bit of a melt down regarding something one of the cats did. I told K if it happened again that I'd be opening the door and throwing all 3 of them out! As if that was going to happen! Anyway after I had my little temper tantrum, I was still mad so I went on the rampage down in my studio. It's quite amazing what one can accomplish under those circumstances. Poor K took one look at me and could see that I was about to lose my mind - she very calmly suggested that I might want to take a deep breath. She's such a good person! Even when her mom goes a little crazy she still stays calm and so very reasonable. She certainly takes after her dad in that regard.

Anyway, long story short I rearranged a bunch of stuff and then K volunteered to go to Canadian Tire and buy me a new cabinet. She went, picked up and brought it home and put it together for me. It is now nicely ensconsed in my workroom and what a huge difference it makes - both visually and psychologically. The purpose of the reorg was to make better use of the space I already have. I always seem to end up with everything piled in layers on the little bit of workspace I have. It's annoying and frustrating. Since I've moved things around and now have this new cabinet, I'm really pleased with the results. I'm so looking forward to working in the newly arranged studio soon.

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