Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The recovery is going well. The swelling has gone down quite a bit and the bruising is almost gone. My jaw line and chin are still frozen but I'm starting to get feeling back in most of my face. I am still finding myself to be very tired when I exert myself but other than that things are progressing well.

I'm back to work next Monday so this week has been spent trying to get some things on my "to do" list done. I was going a little stir crazy so yesterday I painted the ceiling in my bedroom. This afternoon I gave it a second coat. It looks pretty good and clearly, the time I spent taping everything paid off as the is very little paint seepage on the walls. The original plan was to paint the walls next but I have several things on my list that are a higher priority so the walls will probably have to wait until next weekend.

I haven't been all that inspired to do art but did manage to get one journal page completed. It was a bit of a struggle and I'm still not all that happy with the colours but finally gave up. It's a bit dark but perhaps that is appropriate in light of the journal entry.

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Joanne Amos said...

Before you know it Monday will be here. Enjoy!