Friday, June 01, 2007

Today was a beautiful day on the coast. The temperature at 4 pm was 30 degrees celsius. Now that is hot! Husband was out golfing with his cronies and I spent the day at home. The plan was that I would get lots of cards done...... not so much!

I ended up doing my running around first thing in the morning, rather than later in the day, and a good thing too. The boys had car trouble on the way home and they needed to be rescued. Luckily the car broke down in town rather than out on the highway, so they were able to have it towed fairly quickly. The problem was fairly minor - almost $500 to fix though - but at least the garage was able to get the part and fix the vehicle fairly quickly. Since they had decided to carpool to the golf course, I had husband's vehicle so I was able to go and pick them up. They had to wait about 45 minutes as I was coming from a neighbouring town, but it was a nice ride out and back so all is well.

I've gradually been adding to my garden. I'm not too proud to take freebies and I've scored a few that have saved me some money. A friend of mine has a beautiful yard and when she culls her overly large plants or plants that are becoming too crowded, she gives them to me. Her gifts have helped me to fill in some bare spots, and while the garden is still a work in progress, it looks good! I think I'm just about finished putzing for this year. I finally found a garden ornament that I like and broke down and bought it. It's an angel perched on a decorative column. It's really pretty - I'm very happy with it. I placed it in a spot that will get dappled sunlight in the morning - it makes me smile! I also bought a garden gnome to go on other side of the garden. I'm usually not big into gnomes but this one is a frog dressed up in a golfing outfit and carrying a golf bag. Pretty hard to resist when husband and I are both golfers. Very cute! I took pictures so I'll post them when I finally download them to the computer.

We're off to play a round of golf tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it as we're playing at a course the I really like but which I haven't played for a couple of years. It's supposed to be hot here tomorrow as well, so we'll be riding in a cart. This particular course is pretty wide open so the sun can get be very hot but usually there is a good breeze as part of the course borders the slough.

I've managed to come up with a couple of new Father's Day designs. The King is from Alpha Stamps and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I also like the blue one - the combination of gold and navy blue is particularly pleasing to me. It reminds me of a navy suit with a gold tie!

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Steph said...

I love the Navy and gold Father's Day card. Very dashing!