Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The good news in my little corner of paradise is that it seems like the flood threat is pretty much over for those of us who live in the Lower Mainland. We've had cooler weather and less rain so the run off has slowed and the volume of water coming from up north has diminshed quite a bit. Unfortunately, some areas will still have some flooding but it won't be nearly as widespread or as bad as was predicted.

The sun is out today and it's looking like it might actually be nice for the weekend. I am just coming off 4 days of work and will be able to enjoy 4 days off before I have to go back again. I have a ton of things I want to get done this block but not sure what I will accomplish. Husband and I were talking yesterday and he mentioned it's only 2 weekends left before he takes his annual summer trip back East to see his family. Since I'm taking he same time he is but staying here it was like ----woooohooo!! Only 2 more weeks til holidays.

I'm totally looking forward to having the place to myself - well, myself and my daughter. When he leaves he always says "now don't fight girls." And the funny things is we get along very well and we never fight. Go figure. I think he's the one that makes us both crazy when he's here!
A coworker from many years ago used to refer to the freedom of not having men around - ie not fetching, carrying, explaining and catering - as the freedom to have smarties for dinner. No one was going to say a word! I think that sums up the feeling of freedom pretty accurately!

One of the projects I have on my list is to clean, maybe paint or at least freshen up my workroom and to reorganize /reconfigure what little space I have. I managed to snag 2 small bookshelves from someone on our local Freecycle group which was truly a bonus. Saved me some money that I can now use for something else. Hmmmmm....... can you say rubber stamps?

The bookcases are not all the pretty and are a little smaller than I had hoped for but they are more than sufficient for my needs. Since I'm a very visual person, I am more comfortable when I can see my stuff because that means I will use it more. But I am also distracted by visual clutter so I am trying to address that by making my open storage more attractive but also more uniform and organized. What often happens at the end of a marathon cleaning/reorganizing session is that I may very well end up with a bigger, or maybe different mess than what I started with! I've been wanting to get at this since I got the bookcases last week but just kept telling myself, no you cannot do that now, you have other things to do first. That mantra does not usually work, but it did this time so that's a "good thing".

Will keep you posted on my progress.

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