Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally - on holidays - Woooohooo!

Last night at work, as the night was winding down, I started thinking about the next couple of weeks and how I was going to spend them. I took a page from my husband, who is super organized, and photocopied a calendar page for the month of July. I know I have lots I want to do but also know that typically I won't get a lot of that done unless I'm organized. So I started working my way through the page and pencilled in the things I want to do. I find that by actually marking a date on the calendar that makes me psychologically commit to doing that task on that date.

I find it certainly helps. I feel more in control and I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something instead of just wasting time by spinning around and being unfocused. I think it also helps me to manage my time better. I've always been a list maker but as I'm easily distracted, the list will often get set aside and I forget about it.

My first day off and I already have the next 3 days planned out and I am committed to doing something on those day. I think that is a great accomplishment!

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