Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's cooler here on the coast today - overcast with threats of impending rain. We got some rain yesterday which is probably not a good thing with the impending flood. On a brighter note thought, we got a message from "the Big Cheese" telling us to check our municipality's website to see if we lived on the floodplain. We were given a contact name and instructed to let her know if we did live on it and would required assistance. I went to the Pitt Meadows website, did my check of the city map and to my profound delight, discovered that I am not on the flood plain. The flood plain ends about 3 blocks from my house - woooooohooo! Is that a weight off my mind! If the worst happens, we will still be impacted - we won't be able to get in or out of Pitt Meadows - I plan to be at home if that happens - but at least we won't be under water. So I am very relieved about that!

Knowing that I won't have to sandbag my house has made me even happier with my little garden. My little angel is firmly ensconsed in my backyard and it looking wonderful. The littlle frog I bought is so cute I have to keep checking on him to make sure he hasn't moved. I was out in the yard last week when I heard some chattering and some fluttering wings. I looked over at my little fountain and there was a black and white bird sitting on the rock drinking from the fountain. As I watch, he hopped closer and started taking a bath, hence the fluttering wings. It was darn cute and such a joyful thing to watch. I've been lurking around out there with my camera but so far I haven't been able to catch him enjoying his shower.


Deb M in BC :) said...

HI Sandy,

Or should I say 'Marilyn'? Wow, your garden looks great! PM must be pretty large now, eh? I used to live in MR and I can't fathom the traffic now! And are they changing the Pitt Bridge? Good thing you don't have to sandbag your home. Deb (CST)

Ila said...

Beautiful Garden pics. Love your flower photos as well. I am always taking photos of my gardens and flowers too......over and over again. I haven't any on my blog yet ..but I think I will put some up soon. I too have thought about using the flower phots on cards ect. I'm thinking of making a garden art journal.
Enjoyed looking at your blog. Beautiful art..I'll be back.