Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's been a busy several days. I worked frantically to get my Mother's Day cards ready and into the store in time. No need for the frantic antics, just poor planning on my part. Once that was done, I started to focus on the wedding cards. My guy sells tons of my wedding cards and I have a hard time keeping up with the demand at the best of times so being behind the eight ball is not a good thing. I also have to get some production going on Father's Day cards and Birthday and other occasion. It would be so nice to actually be able to get ahead of the demand and have some stock on hand but then that would tax my time management skills to the very limit.

On another front, at work they have finally hired a partner for me. Woooooohoooo! I've been working, for the most part by myself, since the end of December so it will be nice to have the team consist of more than one person again. She's a very nice lady who works in another department so we know each other well. She's bright, hardworking and direct. We are very much alike in the directness department so we should get along famously. Thank God for directness and assertiveness! It is so refreshing to deal with someone who doesn't play stupid games with you. I am sooooooo very tired of working with people who don't mean what they say and don't say what they mean.

I also went out on a limb and organized a "girls only" dinner club. No kids and no men!! I assembled a group of about 12 ladies, mostly a lot younger than I. We met for the first time on Monday night and it went very well. We started out with Appies and drinks and plan to move on to theme nights etc. The plan is to meet at my place every 6 to 8 weeks - early start, early finish - so it should work out well. I had been toying with this idea for awhile but had only thought of it in terms of couples and then I had this brain wave to do it with the girls. We all work together and, despite the infighting and pettiness that sometimes surfaces, we really do get along pretty well. There have been some problems of late - all brought about by relationships with men, I might add - so this is my attempt to calm the waters and seek "world peace" in my little corner of the universe. It might backfire - let's hope it does not!

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