Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The weather here on the coast has been spectacular - a good thing for those of us ready for summer, but a bad thing for the flood watch. Not too much happening on that front so far. The troops moved into Abbotsford to set up a base camp and start to prepare but so far nothing required of them other than that. Guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

I put my garden in - it's not much mostly plantings in a couple of beds and several large pots but it always makes me feel that things are right with the world when I can get that finished. I allotted myself an hour to complete the task - 3 hours later I was still working on it and have just about finished. My daughter and I went to the garden shop this morning and picked up 10 bags of mushroom manure. My beds are looking a little sterile and dry. I know from experience, that once I put the compost down, all the little plants will perk right up. They really like that stuff. Does you heart good to see it!

I finally decided on the paper for my page in the Whimsy swap over at CC Swaps. I had one page picked out and then decided to make one more trip to the store to see if I could find something more to my liking. I chose a nice classic looking, almost toile-y looking paper. My initial choice was a beigey-yellow, this one is more a corally red. Funny thing is that I seem to gravitate to colours that are a little more intense. I've decided on several elements for the page - I still have some tweaking to do - but I think it's coming together quite nicely. This time I put a little more thought into the design so hopefully I've saved myself some labour. I was pleased with my last effort but it was way too much work! I could easily have saved myself time and frustration had I put a little more thougth and planning into my initial design.

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