Sunday, December 06, 2015

The demon cancer!

I retired in June, had my mammography on June 24th and was diagnosed with breast cancer on July 16th   My doctor was fantastic.  He referred me to a local surgeon (who had a 12 month waiting list) and I was able to see the surgeon within 2 weeks,  on July 31st

I opted for a partial mastectomy and the tumour and 2 lymph nodes were removed on August 14th. Both lymph nodes came back positive for cancer.  On September 11th, I had a second surgery.  Two more lymph nodes were removed and a larger margin was taken, more as an abundance of caution than anything else.  My doctor didn't want any surprises.  Both lymph nodes and the margins came back clear.

I am currently cancer free!! Thank you Jesus!

I'm now into cycle 2 of my chemo.  By the time I'm finished I will have had 21 cycles of chemo and also radiation.    I've experienced very few side effects so far, tiredness and lack of energy being two  And of course, loss of hair.  The docs have me on tons of anti-nausea meds and so far they are working very well.  This first 4 cycles will probably be the easiest.  I'm told that once I go on the herceptin that it can get tough. I'm OK with that.  I'm just soooo grateful that things are going well now.  I deal with each cycle as it comes and I don't worry about what will happen tomorrow.

Lots for which to be grateful!

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