Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat!

Christmas is only a little over a week away.  Can you believe it?

Here on the coast it has been cold and rainy, however it is a huge plus not to have to shovel snow.

My cycle 2 treatment was on December 1st and things went well.  Very few issues except on Monday I had a killer, and I do mean killer, headache.  Unfortunately, I let it get ahead of me and had to take to my bed for several hours.  It became this evil migraine that I just could not get to die!  I took two Tylenol 3's and they didn't even touch it.  After lying in bed in pain for an hour and getting no relief, I broke down and took the third Tylenol 3 and finally got a little bit of relief.  I found that applying my bean bag heating pad seemed to really help the most so I was very happy that I had a couple of those in the house that I could alternate.

I'm on 3 different anti-nausea drugs and they are doing a wonderful job of keeping me from throwing up.  So far the only bad thing I've had to endure is these killer headaches. All in all, these headaches, though extremely painful, are very infrequent and a minor inconvenienece in my battle against the demon cancer.

On a sidee note, my daughter put the tree up on December 7th and I decorated it.  I like to putz with making sure the branches have been fluffed and are as pretty as they possibly can be before I do any decorating. Sometimes the process is slow, but all worth it in the end.the end. .  There's just something about having the tree all lit up that filles my heart with joy!

One of those things that just makes you glad to be alive.

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