Saturday, February 25, 2012

Halfway point of our trip

We're at the halfway point in our trip and we're having a fabulous time.  The weather has been outstanding and we've enjoyed 4 days of pool time.  Yesterday it was close to 90 and it's supposed to be the same today.  Tomorrow is also supposed to be warm but we've decided to golf anyway.  Taqhitz has lots of trees so there will be shade for Kerry and since our tee time is around 130 the temperature will be dropping as we get later into the round.

Went to the casino on Thursday night.....bad idea!  Suffice it to say I did not win any money. 

Tuesday I did some craft supply shopping,  I hit Big Lots, Joannes and TJ Maxx and scored some bargoons.  At first I was disappointed with Big Lots.  I watch all the fabulous craft hauls on You Tube and didn't really see a lot on first glance.  Then I realized that you had to dig, dig, dig so I did and came up with some cool stuff.  They didn't have a lot of stamp sets but I did score some individual stamps and lots of other stuff that I don't see at home.

The last time we were at Walmart I bought a pair of sneakers and I've done some walking down here.  Nothing spectacular and certainly not marathon material, but it's a start.  I'm very out of shape so I'm just taking my time and trying not to do too much.  Twice in the last 3 days is pretty good progress for me so I'm pleased with myself.  The goal is to get the habit in place so I can continue it at home.

Oh, I also bought myself an Ipod.  I've been using my daughter's at work because she said she didn't use it unless travelling.  However she's discovered a whole lot of neat apps she can use and so she's really stoked to use it.  I gave her back her ipod and bought myself one - 8G with camera for $198 at Walmart.  I think that's a pretty good price but not really sure.  Anyway, I'm enjoying this little gadget.  I supervise a team of 4 and the 5 of us work in a small office.  I really don't like the radios on because the office is so small. I've always used an MP3 which is OK but not optimum.  Now that I have my IPOD I'm looking forward to being able to use it at work.  I think I have something like 1000 songs to choose from.  I love that I can store so much on this little device. Who knew?

I've managed to finish the journal spread for the Travelling Journals project.  I'm pleased with how it turned out.  It wasn't very spontaneous, however, I did put a lot of work into it and considering the limited supplies I have with me, it turned out not too bad. I took some pictures on my IPOD so I'll upload later, if I can figure out how to do that !

The pool is calling my name so gotta run.  Caio.

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