Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fell off the wagon

So ....

It appears that I fell off the wagon  - I didn't meet my goal of twice a week and have little artwork to show for the past 2 weeks. 

The studio is still a work in progress.  It's about 2/3 finished and then I stopped.  I need to finish this job otherwise I can't work in there.  Having said that, I have been able to get a little work done in there.
Surprising enough, it's actually functioning pretty well.  I'm very pleased with the layout - it feels comfortable and more spacious.  I still have way too much "stuff" but it seems more in control now.

I'm exhausted.  I'm getting ready to go south for a month and work has been crazy busy.  I come home dead to the world and just don't have a lot of energy to do anything.  I have several projects I want to finish up before leaving next week, just not sure how much will get done.  I must do up some stock for the store, no ifs, ands or buts about that, otherwise I will be very unpopular.  I also have some ATCs to finish, a journal page to do for a travelling journal page and I want to prep some journal pages for my own journal so I can take it with me.  Last year I bought a bunch of stuff down there but didn't really do much journalling.  I think this year it will work better if I have the pages prepped and ready to go.  Hopefully, if I do that, then I can bring a bare minimum with me to work with.  Who knows? Still struggling with putting anything to paper, however I'm hoping that I'll be more free, less blocked down there.  Keeping my fingers crossed

Gotta run.  Caio!

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