Sunday, July 04, 2010

Well the move to the new art room is about 75 % complete. We moved the cabinets up last weekend and got them placed where I wanted them. Today I plan to take the shelving down from the walls downstairs and install it on one wall upstairs. That's fairly easy just requires that we move some stuff first. I don't think I'll need to move all the shelving upstairs at this point, at least I'm hoping I won't. Being down in the basement I wanted everything up off the floor in case we had another flood. I was totally panicked that my paper and stuff would get wet. Now that I'm on the third floor, that isn't a concern any more so I can stack stuff on the floor under my work tables.

The room is lovely - it's bright and clean and it doesn't feel claustrophobic at all. It does get a little warm up there so I'll need to set up a fan, however it's lovely being able to open a window and enjoy the sunshine and the birdsong.

Unfortunately I haven't done a lot of creating the last couple of weeks. I did manage to design some new wedding cards that my guy at the store really liked so that's next on the list. He also wants me to make up some birthday cards for him. Right after DH died, I was feeling a little overwhelmed so I cut back on the variety I was making. I had decided to just do wedding, valentine and christmas. Well that never really happened and I still made Fathers day and Mothers day cards. Anyway we're finding that the trend seems to have moved away from Valentines, at least last year the sales were poor, so he's asked me to give him some birthday cards. They tend to sell well and are fairly generic so they don't take as long to come up with a design. Heaven knows that the designing part is what takes up so much time!

Well must run. I hope to get a few things accomplished today. I don't want to sit around too long or the urge to work will pass. Caio!

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