Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer has arrived on the coast with a vengence. It's been between 30 and 35 degrees celscius most days this week. It 's made it a little difficult to sleep. Don't get me wrong - I love warm weather which is why I go to Palm Springs every year. I thrive in the heat and it just sucks all the stress and nastiness (well most of the nastiness) right out of me. So I'm not complaining just commenting that it would be nice if it hadn't been so darn cold and then suddenly turn so darn hot. No happy medium there.

I've been out working in the yard all day and just came in for a quick bite and a little reprieve from the heat. I put some top soil down in my front yard and then some grass seed. Hopefully the grass seed will germinate quickly and I'll have some nice grass soon. The "stuff "I have there right now - I hesitate to call it grass - is pretty darn sad looking !! I've treated my roses and watered my garden and now hope to put in some border material that I bought last year but never got around to putting in. I'm hoping it will perk up the yard a bit. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a little bench with two kids sitting on it and I put it on the slate in behind the water feature and it really looks good. They look like they're pointing at the hummingbird feeder! Very cute. Should probably take some pictures and post them.

Well must run. Need to finish the yard work and then clean up. By then it will be 4 o'clock and time for an adult bevvie. Steaks for the barbie and I will be putting my feet up and relaxing.

If I'm not too tired, I may also get some work done in my studio. It's a huge mess because I'm having problems putting up the shelving. But that's a story for another time. Will post some pix of the studio when it's finally liveable.


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