Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running behind

Today is Tuesday and I didn't post on the weekend so I guess that  puts me one post behind.  I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  I'll just try to catch up sometime this week.

My week didn't start out all that well.  I believe that I have the makings of an abcessed tooth.  I have to make yet another trip to my dentist tomorrow morning, during rush hour no less, so he can take a look at it.  It's not too painful, although I have had a tooth ache of varying degrees of pain for the last several days.  Nothing that an Ibuprofen wouldn't help!  I have another appointment next week so he can start rebuilding my teeth - long story, very long story - so I hoped he would just give me some antibiotics that would hold me til I see him next week.  No such luck - he has to see me in order to give me the meds.  What's up with that? :)

Not too much new on the art front.  I've been working in my journal and I think I've decided that I prefer the larger, prebound pages.  I'm finding that I tend to forget about the blank borders I need to leave for binding and that might cause some problems down the road.  As well a 5 x 7 journal page is not very big, so I have come to discover.   The page I mentioned dividing up into quadrants (so I wouldn't have to fill a large space with journalling) is really not working all that well.  I've redone one portion of it 3 times.  Good Lord what the heck is going on with that?  Anyway, I'll keep plugging along on the page but I think that I'll probably be switching to a larger format.

Gotta run.....Caio!

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