Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ok - so this is going to be one of those rants I warned you about.  You might want to leave now....or not.

What is up with the fascination with Casey Anthony?  I am so sick and tired of listening to the media and seeing her stupid mug on tv every other minute of every single night and day. Enough already!

That creature has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  She is a total waste of skin, air and space and I'm so DONE with her.  I am sick and tired of hearing what she did, where she went, what she ate, where she's going and where she's coming back from, what she's wearing....Enough.  I could care less about her.  With any luck at all she'll get run over by a truck or bitten by a snake - now that would be poetic justice - and die.  Good riddance!   Or maybe she'll just crawl back under whatever rock she crawled out from under and we can call it a day.  Move on already!

I told you it would be a rant.....don't say you weren't warned !

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