Sunday, July 22, 2007

Here's some eye candy for you . These are some of the fabulous ATCs I received last Sunday at the Grind. These little works of art far too good to not share!

The artists on the left (left to right and top to bottom): Blue ribbon by Penelope Harris, Specimen by Andreaflaa, Angel Fish by Misti Ko, Angel by Leilania Lloyd.

The artists on the right (left to right and top to bottom): Blue Angel by Val Verhagen, Wings (Angel Dog) by Fran , Slide Mount by Char Koehler, Crow by Nancy Sherman

I have so many ideas spinning around in my head, and so much I want to do! I just don't have enough hours in the day. The little altered canvasses I've just discovered are certainly addictive - I ran out and bought a dozen more of them and just cannot wait to get to play on them.

I have a ton of cards to do - both for personal use and for the store - so though I hate to do it,I'm going to have to "step away" from my blog for a little while. Hopefully I won't have to leave for too long - I'm finding this blog addictive!!


Ila said...

These are all Gorgeous..your very lucky to have them...thanks for sharing.
I also love your altered canvas in the post below...Fabulous!!

Sandy said...

Thanks Ila. I really enjoy doing the ATC trading - both online and in person. Due to shiftwork etc, I can't always get to the face to face trading which is disappointing...I have met so many nice people there.


Sharon said...

Eye candy indeed, Sandy! Lucky you to have them. Thanks for sharing. :D