Monday, August 06, 2007

I've been away from my blog for too long so I'm doing a quick update.

Last 4 days off were fairly busy but felt very long - does that even make sense? I normally just do a few errands on day 1 off but last block I did errands, did some shopping, got together with a friend for an early dinner, dyed my hair and watched some tv so quite a lot was accomplished. Day 2 I golfed - what a bad day I had! Myscore was in the range it normally is but my game was terrible - I just didn't feel like I had any ooomph and it showed. Days 3 and 4, I worked on cards for the store and was able to make a delivery on Saturday to replenish some of his stock and , of course, take another order for more wedding cards.

I managed to get all my swaps out on time - or close enough to consider being on time - so that was a relief to be able to stroke them off my list. It was also very stress free becauseI had everything listed in my book (instead of hunting high and low for the instructions) so it all came together fairly easily and quickly. Amazing how smoothly things run when one is organized!

This coming block (Thursday through Sunday) I will be fairly busy again. I'll be working on stock for the store. I have one set of cards started already and I'm even working to make some extra cards so hopefully that will shorten my turnaround time. As fast as I'm delivering them, they're being sold. I guess that's a good thing but is sometimes a little frustrating as I can't keep up. Wah, Wahh. I'd like a little cheese with my whine please!

Husband is playing golf on Friday, we're having dinner guests on Saturday and I plan to play a round of golf with husband on Sunday and then we'll be back to work again. Funny - talking about it in those terms makes me realise that we really are fairly busy on days off. And here I thought I didn't have a life!

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