Sunday, May 25, 2014

Drawing faces

I’ve never felt that I had a talent for drawing.  For the most part I just didn’t go there as it was just awful.  However, I signed up for the “Painted Faces” on-line course being run by Christy over at Art Geeks.  I haven’t really had an opportunity to start the course until this last week.

While Christy is teaching how to paint faces, part of week one is devoted to discussing the composition of faces with Christy giving a tutorial on how she draws her whimsical faces.  Everything she says makes so much sense  and its all so do-able.  I’ve just completed week one and I feel so much more confident!

The first drawing is what I came up with after Christy’s week one tutorial.  I think the difference between the first and the other two faces is quite amazing.

The two faces  (bottom 2) are “before” tutorial faces.  I worked long and hard to come up with them, particularly the one on bottom right. I was quite proud of the end product… not so much!




Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
I have just started the painted faces class also. Did not do any exercises yet but will love to follow around with you if you accept. We could encourage each other...
Great improvement on your part right from the beginning! Keep it up!

Sandy said...

Hi Sylvia
Thanks for the nice wordz. I'd love to follow along with you. I tend to be very sporadic - life often gets in the way. :)

Shall we just touch base on Painted faces site or is there another way you'd prefer?