Monday, May 19, 2014

Chaos in the workroom…

I swear that my workroom looks like someone broke in and tossed it.  Everything on the floor and piled on every available spot.  It makes it impossible to find anything and I spend all my time moving things from one pile to another looking for stuff.   Argh….it makes me crazy!!

This weekend when I should have been working on wedding cards and planting my garden, I worked at re-organizing, re-arranging and cleaning up my studio.  I’m actually embarrassed by how much “stuff” I’ve collected over the last several years.  It’s absolutely obscene !!  I really didn’t know how much I have until I started sorting through it! I’ve already purchased a few things that are being shipped to me and then the purchasing department is closed!  I have enough stuff to stock a store – I kid you not!  Enough said about that!!!

I managed to get some art done so I’m posting below.





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