Monday, December 30, 2013

Some people are just evil !!!

Well now.  There’s a warm cozy thought isn’t it?  Why is it that some people need to be soooo very hateful and selfish. Some days it takes all I have to not toss them out the 6th floor window – no need to open the window, I’ll just drop kick them out and watch them sail through the atmosphere.  Lovely thought, that is!!

Work is crazy busy – I’ve had a couple of issues that have been ongoing for a long time now.  It’s been both emotionally and physically exhausting, however, I think it’s over now so that’s a good thing !  I’m looking forward to starting fresh in 2014, putting all the bad stuff behind me.

Art and journaling were shoved on the back burner for a good bit of November and all of December.  I think that December should be 60 days instead of 31 – I never seem to have enough time!   I hate it when Christmas becomes “just another job” !  I’m looking forward to working in my journal again.  I have got to learn to manage that better.

The countdown for Palm Springs has started – 43 more sleeps.  I soooo need a holiday!

I looked back in the blog and was surprised to see that there is very little art posted for the last several months.  What’s up with that?  So here’s a couple of cards I made recently.IMG_0569


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