Saturday, March 09, 2013

Only one more week :(

We have only one more week left and then we're back to reality again. 

I shouldn't complain.....we've had a wonderful time.   The weather has  been fabulous - a few windy days but still sunny and bright. The wind coming in off the desert is cold and strong and it's not much fun golfing when it's like that !  So for those few days, we've done other things.
Yesterday we went into Palm Springs and walked around the shopping district.  Very disappointing.  So many stores closed or going out of business.  Only a few clothing stores (expensive and catering to stick people) and a few jewellry stores. I didn't see much else of interest.   Two whole blocks of stores have been closed in preparation for a big hotel being built.  Not a whole lot to see that's for sure.

We did enjoying checking out all the restaurants though.  There are a few interesting ones - some very expensive - and lots of happy hours specials.  We plan to visit one of the local pubs in town sometime next week .

The weather is improving today - supposed to be in mid 70's and then the temperature is increasing daily into next week.  They're calling for 90 by Wednesday.  Woo hoo!   We have golf booked for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Luckily with the clocks going back tonight, we'll have an extra hour of daylight so will be able to tee off a little later in the day when it's not quite so hot.  Not that I'm complaining!

I've scored some excellent deals on stamps and other treasures from Joann's.  Love, love, love Joann's!
I've also ordered some art supplies on line while I'm here so they should arrive shortly after we return home.
As well, I've managed to complete some journal spreads and have discovered zentangles and I'm hooked.  I probably won't be able to post any art while I'm here....I want to enjoy as much of the fabulous weather as I can when I'm here.  I can post anytime!

Well must run.  The pool is calling my name!


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