Thursday, March 14, 2013

All Good things.....

....must come to an end.

We're getting ready to head home in a few days.  I'm always sad when the end of our vacation comes - although I have no business complaining ! 

The weather has been fabulous.  Today at 7:30 in Palm Springs it's 96 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Sure beats the weather we've been having at home - torrential downpours for the last couple of days.

My daughter and I have had a fabulous time together, golfing and just vegging out and relaxing,  The house has been wonderful as usual and the pool to die for !

I'm also sad to be leaving as a neighbourhood cat - we don't believe it to be a stray - has adopted us and has spent most days since we arrived here with us.  She seems to be very well fed - she's also an awesome hunter as one poor rat learned to his dismay !  She such a little doll that I seriously contemplated packing her up and taking her home with us.  The voice of reason finally prevailed - it's my fervent belief (hope ?) that she is a beloved pet and that some family is giving her lots of love !  If I thought for a minute that she was a stray.......well, best not to go there !

We're playing our last round of golf tomorrow - supposed to be in the 90's again tomorrow - and then I'll spend Saturday as my last pool day.  I have over-indulged in the sun for the last month so will probably end up looking like some wizened up old crone.   Whatever !

Gotta run.  Caio !

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