Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm halfway through the month and it has been brutal. Lots of drama at work - the you know what has hit the fan and it's not a very pleasant situation.  I have a small part in it and I'm embarassed that I let my buttons be pushed.  I should have known better!

We're less than 4 weeks away from our move to our new office building. Everyone is stressed to the max and as luck would have it, problems keep rearing their ugly little heads.  I had a plan and I really did try to work to the plan.  And how's that working for me, you ask?  Not so good.

Moving on......I'm in countdown to Palm Springs. Only 27 days until we board our ticket to paradise.  I can hardly wait!  I love my job but lately it has been unbelievable!    I am sooooo looking forward to parking my fat little butt in the pool with a keg full of margaritas.  And they ask me why I drink?

I haven't done a lot of art in the New Year.  I did create a calendar and I'm trying to journal in it everyday.  I thought it might be one small step towards making journaling more of a part of my everyday life.  I've also managed to prepare some pages in advance of our trip to Palm Springs.  I seem to go into withdrawal when I'm down there, so this time I'm at least a little prepared.

Well must run.  Just wanted to pop in for a little update.  I'm so tired that I can hardly think straight and I have to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.   Lottery Gods, please smile on me and let me win a lottery!!!


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