Friday, December 21, 2012

Somehow I've lost 2 months !

OMG ! I was shocked when I logged in and discovered I haven't posted in almost 8 weeks!  I guess it's just been an extremely busy period for me.

In November I took an art journal class at Be Creative in Pitt Meadows.  I had a great time and learned lots of great tips and tricks.  It was a lovely afternoon and the instructor was great !  More about that later and some pix.

I just finished 3 journals from the Travelling Journals group.  I feel guilty that I held on to them for so long - I just couldn't ever seem to get it together enough to get a page together, let alone 3 of them!   However they are finally gone and I'm waiting for the next bunch to arrive.  Sorry, I forgot to take pix of those.

Art Journaling -  I think I may have finally broken through my creative block.  I seem to have had an epiphany of sorts and it's starting to flow a little better.  I'm currently working on page backgrounds and some preliminary collaging so that they're ready for Palm Springs.  That way I can work on the penwork etc and finish a few pages while I'm away.

My Christmas cards are finally finished and gone and not a minute too soon.  The last bunch went out Thursday.  Some may arrive in time, some may not, hence why the sentiment is "happy holidays".

I've had a very challenging week at work.  One of my "children" had a melt down.  Spoilt brat - Created a lot of drama.  So high school!.  Some days I feel like I run an adult daycare ! Tedious, very tedious.

Well gotta run.  Will post again tomorrow.


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