Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year to everyone !   I realize I am a bit premature with these well wishes, but what the heck. I'm going to get out in front of the crowd.

Christmas was wonderful - quiet and low key, just the way we like it.  Christmas Eve we spent at home relaxing in front of the fire.  We did assorted appies for dinner.  Christmas Day we spent the entire day at home in our jammies, just lying around and eating all the goodies.  We did a small turkey for the two of us and had just enough for one round of leftovers and some soup.  Loads of dressing left so I'll be freezing that to use with my roasted chicken over the next few months.  Easy, Peasy.

Tonight my daughter and I are spending the evening quietly at home - in our jammies.  Sound familiar?  Appies for dinner again tonight so what's not to like.  New Years Day I'm hosting my annual dinner here at my place.  Two couples who are very good friends are joining us to start off the new year.  I always look forward to this day.  When my husband was alive this was always a fun day for us and I still try to keep it special.  I have a killer prime rib recipe which turns out fabulous every time.  It's to die for (sorry couldn't help myself :)  We have a friendly festive dinner, share some adult beverages and then pig out on dessert, courtesy of the local bakery. 

Well must run as I have cleaning to do in prep for the dinner tomorrow.  I'm not the best housekeeper - with 3 cats I would not suggest that you eat off my floors!  Anyway, I'll do a little cleaning and then will relax with a cold beverage.  Sounds like a plan.

Happy, Happy !


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