Sunday, November 07, 2010

Dad had his hip replacement surgery on Oct 25th. When they did the surgery, they discovered that he had a broken hip which would explain why he was in so much pain for so long. Unbelievable! It didn't show up on the exrays so they have no idea how long his hip has been broken. The doc just shook his head. He says if Dad could endure the pain of a broken hip for several months, then his recuperation will be a breeze for him.

I checked in with Dad today and he's home 12 days after his surgery. He's not having any pain to speak of, at least nothing that his regular meds can't handle. He's getting around with a walker and has informed me that in a couple of weeks that all he'll need is a cane! He sounded really good, back to his old self again which is really good to hear. He had only been home a couple of hours and he'd had a beer with my brother and was looking forward to a roast beef dinner. I have much to be thankful for!

Yesterday a co-worker commented to me that it's only 46 days til Christmas. How the heck did that happen and where has the time gone? I'm making my Christmas cards to send to family and friends again this year so have started to work on some designs. I'm also working on more stock for the store. There are only a few weeks til the cards will start going out so I have my work cut out for me. However, on a bright note, I think that I'm ahead of schedule in the card making area so thats a good thing. I don't usually even think about making my own cards til much later in the month.

Work is a zoo and I'm totally swamped. I think someone comes in at night and adds more work to my desk ! This coming week is a short week as I'm out of the office at a meeting all day Wednesday and then Thursday is a stat due to Remembrance Day. Hmmm, maybe the fact that it's a short week is not a bad thing after all!

Well must run. I want to work on some more cards before I go to bed.


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