Thursday, September 30, 2010

I've been away from my blog for toooooo long!

I'm recovering nicely from my second jaw surgery. We're still having a few issues with my bite - my surgeon was a little worried there for awhile but now things seem to be coming together nicely. I'm back to work on Tuesday - I can't believe that the month has gone by so very quickly. However, I've had a good month. I've been getting lots of sleep and I'm gradually getting my energy back so it's all good.

All in all this surgery went much better than last one. Initially a lot of swelling but that dissipated very quickly. There is still some swelling but far less noticable than last time. Very little bruising as well. What is there is pale yellow - much better than the awful black bruising to my collarbone that I experienced last time. The toughest part has been wearing 2 sets of elastics to train the jaw to go into the new position; that was far more painful than the actual surgery. Who knew? The pain has now dissipated for the most part and any pain is minor.

The weather here on the Coast is fabulous. We had a lot of rain initially but it's been bright, sunny and warm for the last several days. It's been really nice to have been able to keep summer with us for a few more weeks.

On the art front, I'm busy getting busy for the annual Open House at the store. I'm a little behind on my samples but once I get them approved, it will be full steam ahead. I always enjoy this part as I love making Christmas cards. It helps me get into the spirit of Christmas, albeit a little early. However once I deliver the stock for the Open House it's only about 6 weeks after that until we get into the Christmas social season and all the parties and jovality. Where did the time go?

I've updated my Etsy shoppe and will be adding more goodies as I'm able to complete them. Please drop by and visit my shoppe:

Must run for now...busy, busy, busy!


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