Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just thought I'd check in before I pop off to bed for the night.

I'm feeling great, have no real need for pain killers, but will take one tonight just to be on the safe side. The swelling has increased and I'm getting more colourful by the hour. Lovely purple bruises starting below the chin and up onto my lip and the side of my face. Wonderful! I can hardly wait to see what it looks like tomorrow. You can bet I won't be leaving the house anytime soon!

So tonight, after sitting around all day, I decided to work on my studio and try to get it tidied up after the marathon card making session before holidays. Quite a mess but I've made some headway. Rearranged some general storage as well as some paper storage and labelled a bunch of stuff. It's amazing how many scattered piles I found that were paper I thought I was out of. ?God grief! Tomorrow I'm having company in the evening - coming over to see the rainbow in progress! However, during the day I hope to get some more cleanup down here so I can get some work done. If I'm going to be stuck in the house I might as well play with some of the new stuff I bought - but first I have to find it under the pile of stuff on my work table.

Well must run for meds, ice and beauty sleep - I'm not sure there's enough sleep to be had to cure this face ....and so it goes.



|☼◙ Avenger ◙☼| said...

Here is the beginning of your bruise, am I right ?

Sandy said...

Yeah pretty much. Now, a month later it's pretty well disappeared. I am still swollen but I can live with that.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.